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Per Un Pugno Di Dollari:Marocannonce

S. Rivalta
S. Rivalta Published in October 23, 2018, 1:36 pm
 Per Un Pugno Di Dollari:Marocannonce

Per Un Pugno Di Dollari:Marocannonce

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mr c j williams
mr c j williams Reply to on 2 July 2016
Great movie, needs no synopsis. Classic of the genre if not quite as good as the excellent good, bad and the ugly (one of the greatest movies of all time, in my opinion).

Blu Ray transfer - generally excellent, bold colours and rich film texture. Much better than the cropped mgm version though not as good as the GBU 4k remaster. There is still some print damage, most notable as a yellow fade line that occasionally appears at the bottom of the screen.

Sound is less so though it's nice that this Ripley home video release has an English mono track.

Movie - 8/10
Transfer - 7.5/10
Alan Reply to on 30 July 2018
This really is the best home release of a Sergio Leone western.

The restoration is beautiful, with the best colour balance of any disc. Unlike the MGM home release which is slightly cropped and is rather washed out, or the recent 4k restoration released by Kino where everything is green. And for my money this just beats the very similar German release (which is slightly redder/darker) though it's based on the same transfer and there isn't much in it.

The downside (if you only speak English like me) is all the extras are Italian only, but you are getting the best possible version of a classic movie. The original English mono audio track is available and sounds as good as it realistically could (along with Italian mono, 5.1; subtitles in English and Italian). I would turn off any audio enhancing features, it plays best without interference, save you might want to boost the bass a little.

This is a region free disc (though note the standard definition extras require PAL compatible equipment). I'd grab it if you can. It's just a pity the guys that restored this didn't get to work on any other of Leone's other titles.
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