Marocannonce Quest Nutrition 60 g S'Mores Protein Bar - Pack of 12:Marocannonce
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Quest Nutrition 60 g S'Mores Protein Bar - Pack of 12:Marocannonce

Quest Nutrition
Quest Nutrition Published in October 23, 2018, 1:49 pm
 Quest Nutrition 60 g S'Mores Protein Bar - Pack of 12:Marocannonce

Quest Nutrition 60 g S'Mores Protein Bar - Pack of 12:Marocannonce

Price:£25.75+ Free shipping with Masterpola Prime

Mrs RoPo
Mrs RoPo Reply to on 7 February 2016
These were probably the best protein bars I had bought, tasted great, moist texture and felt like a real treat....until the recipe changed! I had tried lots of flavours but the vanilla almond, mixed berry and white choc raspberry were my favourites. There was old stock on the market which was great as it meant the old recipe. The changes made seem to now include different prebiotic fibre and palm oil giving the bars a strong taste of sweetener and less moisture to the texture making them almost flaky. These bars are an expensive treat but in my opinion they were worth it...not any more.
Upon reading up on their website, the 2 newest flavours (s'mores and mint choc) were only ever made from the new recipe and without realising it I bought 3 of the mint choc bars as I love things like After Eight mints. When i saw that a new flavour was announced I knew I loved the originals and looked forward to trying some but it had a really awful taste and texture like a powdered After Eight so I went back to the trusty Vanilla Almond and thought I wouldn't bother with those again. Sadly the new formula has been rolled out to all flavours. What a shame! This will be my last box of Quest bars, the taste is no longer worth the money. Back to the Oh Yeah bars for now as I think they still use the old style prebiotic.
MissDetail Reply to on 18 October 2016
This blueberry muffin flavour is so delicious I'm not going to be able to keep it in my house, lest I overeat! I ate 3 in one day!! I disagree with previous reviewer about taste, I think it does taste remarkably like a blueberry muffin, and in fact tastes quite a bit nicer than some prepackaged muffins, like, say, from Starbucks. The texture especially is great, it has little chunks like the crumble you'd find on tops of a really unhealthy muffins -- divine -- also it's chewy and not super hard like many other Quest flavours. However, as with all Quest bars, you cannot bite into it expecting to eat a real is not a muffin, it's a helath food product, and offers more of a blueberry muffin essence. Just like their "cookie" bars do not actually taste like cookies (although pop a chocolate chip cookie bar in the microwave for 30 seconds and it is rather similar to cookie dough).

Still this bar makes a very pleasant treat, and considering the fantastic macros & ingredients you can't go wrong. I used to eat Quest bars as a regular snack or meal replacement, now I save them for dessert.
Apex_Pulse Reply to on 13 September 2017
Premium protein bar with a slight synthetic aftertaste.. not too bad though and reasonably moist which I wasn't expecting as previous protein bars I have tried have been tough as nails. I have so far only tried this flavour and to be honest it is a great bar but it would not be my primary bar/snack as I found it too filling and prefer light snack bars such as Protein works Brownie or Bounce Energy Ball (Almond).

The Amazon price is great but if you want to try before you buy then pop over to Holland & Barratt (H&B) for a "buy one get one half price offer" to try a couple of bars before you commit to a multi-pack order. Bearing in mind the Amazon price is still cheaper than the H&B promotion for 12 bars!!!

The macros are very good and it is a very good substitute for Grenade bars which have gelatine hydrolysate (animal sourced) which I couldn't palate :) Should Grenade provide a veg approved bar then I'll definitely give it a go..
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 25 October 2016
Absolutely love Quest bars for pre or post workout, but I was underwhelmed with these. I never had Smores before, so I don't know what they are supposed to taste like, but I hope they taste better than their namesake Quest bars. I ate a bar or two, then put the box in the community kitchen because I absolutely did not like the flavour. Better stick with the chocolate, coconut, cookies and banana flavours.
Nada Reply to on 3 August 2016
I love it. So good, but I am afraid to purchase it often because it is hard to control and it is hard to have it only once per day for example. I managed to eat a few per days and even substitute my meals with it (which is not good). Flavor is amazing and it did not get me bloated like some other protein products. I only felt a bit sick after having 3-4 in a day, so for people who like sweets I would say it is a great substitute for a dessert but it is hard to resist.
HeatherLS Reply to on 10 July 2016
Brilliant for getting in that hit of protein if you're counting macros.
However, I'm not too sure how much these agree with my. They can give me a painful tummy ache and cause me to feel quite unwell.
I will finish off the box, as the numerical/macronutrient benefits of quest bars is good, however as an actual food source, they are quite difficult to consume.

I'd rather be a little low on protein, than cramped up.

Flavour wise, they're spot on, they have the obvious chemical undertone, but they've nailed the oreo taste.
SMK Reply to on 13 January 2016
While i still like the product it is not as advertised and I don't know why it is different to all other quest apple pie bars I've had. The calories are in fact 190 and the fat 7g and saturated fat 1g compared to the 0.4g advertised. Also more
Importantly the sugar content is 3g, three times higher than the 1g ordered. Won't be ordering again for this reason unless rectified.
Daniel Galiimore
Daniel Galiimore Reply to on 3 September 2016
I've had plenty of Quest bars in the past and was just browsing other flavours just to try something new really (I love the cookie ones)

I thought why not give these a try, got them and i'm happy I like the change of texture as it has a lot more bits in it than other flavors like the chocolate brownie has no large chunks in it. So if you want to try something new and not liking much of the other floavours give this a try, the little bits of biscuit and chocolate are a very nice added bonus.
T. Golding
T. Golding Reply to on 12 July 2016
I love quest bars! However, if I am completely honest this flavour is disgusting!! I've forced down a couple of them after workouts, and they taste like carpet!! And don't warm them up, it gets even worse! And I'm not exaggerating!! I would recommend the cookie cream or the chocolate brownie instead. If you want a fruitier version, quest do a raspberry version which is much nicer than this product. From a macronutrients perspective, low in calories and carbohydrates, high in protein. I do feel quest produce the best products out there, although I would stear clear from the strawberry cheesecake flavour!
Irene Max
Irene Max Reply to on 3 September 2016
I hadn't eaten a Quest bar in years, used to love them, was delighted to see them for sale here, didn't read reviews before I ordered TWO boxes to save on shipping. Now I have 24 bars of 'new recipe' product to consume before 23 October 2016. That's the main reason for my 2 stars. Think it was a bit scuzzy of Prozis to send two boxes that will expire within 6 weeks of purchase. However, although the chocolate brownie bars are not as tasty as they used to be, there are so far no issues with the condition or texture of the first couple. (I like chemical tastes, and sometimes chew cardboard--friends have told me I have pica!) Packaging was intact. Expiry date on box was same as that on the bars I have checked. Delivery was superfast!
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