Marocannonce An Unconventional Officer A story of love and war in Wellington's army (The Peninsular War Saga Book 1):Marocannonce
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An Unconventional Officer A story of love and war in Wellington's army (The Peninsular War Saga Book 1):Marocannonce

Lynn Bryant
Lynn Bryant Published in October 23, 2018, 2:37 pm
 An Unconventional Officer A story of love and war in Wellington's army (The Peninsular War Saga Book 1):Marocannonce

An Unconventional Officer A story of love and war in Wellington's army (The Peninsular War Saga Book 1):Marocannonce


Sam Reply to on 11 September 2017
Absolutely brilliant. For 40 years I've been fascinated by this period of history, and have read everything I could my hands on, history, biography, memoirs and fiction. This series is the best fiction I've ever read - fantastically well researched and historically accurate, with wonderfully drawn characters and relationships. They give a brilliant idea of what war was like then, as well as a moving love story and brilliant relationships between the male characters. Got to the end of number 3 and luckily the fourth was published one day earlier, now I'm dying for no 5. As a pedant I'd only make two mild criticisms, pensinsular is the adjective, not the noun, you shouldn't refer to the place as the peninsular, and she repeatedly uses it's when it should be its. But since they are the only negative things I can find to say, I can heartily recommend this author
jsmjf2 Reply to on 17 April 2018
First off, I should say I am a very demanding customer when it comes to historical novels set during the Napoleonic Wars. I also started this one off wondering what a man like Paul van Daan was doing in the early 19th century British army, and it did strike me that "unconventional" could easily cross the line into "anachronistic". Thankfully, Ms Bryant is a much, much better writer than that. She has clearly read widely and deeply about the period -- not just the military history parts, but also the general mores and ways of thinking and acting, and this knowledge is obvious throughout. Paul had started to win me over about a tenth of the way through; by about halfway, I was probably a little in love with him.

The central conflict revolves around a love story, but it's far from your traditional romance, for a number of reasons. Equally, it's far more huamn than some other Napoleonic War fiction; if you're reading this for the battles, you'll find them there (and very well described), but they frame rather than form the storyline. The story itself is interesting and well-written; the characters are utterly three-dimensional. I pretty much devoured this one in two short sittings, and was up far too late at night to finish it. (Have some handkerchieves ready when you do, by the way.)

Highly recommended.
carole e sampson
carole e sampson Reply to on 18 August 2017
I picked this book by mistake, it was interesting informative and addictive I couldn't put it down. The personalities are so real. The romance in and among the everyday life of those personalities I'm
glad I read it and will read it's sequel. Thank you for an enjoyable read.
JennyJ Reply to on 25 September 2018
I bought this because I have recently been on a battlefield tour of Spain, and visited Talavera and the site of Crauford's action on the Coa River, both of which feature in this book. However the book is far more than a Sharpe-style story of battles, it also populates the ficitious battalion with very likeable officers and NCOs, and a few mouthy privates, and has a suitably nasty villain. It's a longish book, but I was hooked. I'll be buying more, but not right away or I'll get nothing else done!
E L Roberts
E L Roberts Reply to on 6 October 2017
I loved this book and found it very difficult to put down. It was exciting and in parts very moving. It made me laugh and cry. A wonderful (if flawed hero), a strong female heroine. What more could you ask for. You want a book to take you out of yourself and away from all the niggles of daily life - then this is it. I will definitely read the next two.
Rakie Reply to on 9 May 2018
Great mix of historical military fiction and epic romance.
Silverlady Reply to on 16 July 2017
I really enjoyed this book, a great love story and lots of Battles. gives the Sharp books a run for their Money
ANON Reply to on 12 September 2017
What a great series. Loved the characters. Well researched, unputdownable!
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