Marocannonce KING DO WAY Thread Rack Holds 60 Spools Brown 40x18.5x27.5cm:Marocannonce
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KING DO WAY Thread Rack Holds 60 Spools Brown 40x18.5x27.5cm:Marocannonce

KING DO WAY Published in October 23, 2018, 2:24 pm
 KING DO WAY Thread Rack Holds 60 Spools Brown 40x18.5x27.5cm:Marocannonce

KING DO WAY Thread Rack Holds 60 Spools Brown 40x18.5x27.5cm:Marocannonce

Price:£20.99+ Free shipping with Ukcustomizer Prime

Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 29 July 2017
I put this up on the wall with Command strips and it worked a treat! I'm ordering a second one now!
Debke Reply to on 13 August 2017
I have been trying to find these for a while and am very pleased with these! I bought 2, but need 2 more (I'm a dressmaker). There are the 120 ones, but with the size they'd be odd to hang little space I have. Hanging them was a bit of a challenge, but some wire eye lags (small ones) in the back and hanging wire, did just the treat! If you have space, you can stand them somewhere. The quality of the wood is very good as it took some effort to screw the things in. 1000m reels fit on this too, but they do get in each other's way slightly, 500m and under work perfectly. Now if only I can find some to fit over-locking cones on and I am sorted!
Kay Reply to on 22 January 2018
I've been dying for one of these. It was on my birthday and Christmas list but no one bought me it so I bought it myself.
Was so excited to get this as I'm sick of my threads not being orgs. I see for a living so it's important. Anyway I wasn't disappointed.
Excellent quality. You can with use it as a stand or hang it on the wall. It holds 60 threads and these I have on it are the bigger spools so great for these and the smaller bobbins.
I'm buying another one!
LOVE it. Highly recommended.
Ms Rose
Ms Rose Reply to on 12 August 2017
Love this, I like that you can either have it free standing or on the wall too.I have it free standing at the moment and it has transformed my sewing area -looks organised and cheerful with all the different coloured threads :) I thought it was quite expensive but it's well built and I feel it's been worth every penny.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 10 August 2017
Good quality and value for money ,arrived quickly thank you just what I needed
Jan Reply to on 29 June 2017
Nice product, wood be better if easier to hang on wall
rayval Reply to on 10 January 2018
A very simple product that does exactly as it says. Very happy with it. I only wish there was a similar product for the 5000mtr spools
of thread.
Ray Reply to on 23 August 2017
Surprisingly strong, the little pegs are also well spaced out even for larger spools of thread.
Lee Reply to on 4 January 2018
I bought this for my partner (a quilter), and she's thrilled with it. It comfortably holds 60 spools and is a neat addition to her sewing room. Worth the price, and makes a great gift for the quilter in your life!
eileen cliff
eileen cliff Reply to on 29 October 2017
A very useful item. I can now see 60 stools at a glance, and not have to rummage through a box.
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