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Writing Prompts:Marocannonce

21x20 Media, Inc.
21x20 Media, Inc. Published in October 23, 2018, 1:27 pm
 Writing Prompts:Marocannonce

Writing Prompts:Marocannonce


Mrs Alison Shutt
Mrs Alison Shutt Reply to on 2 January 2014
Although I didn't actually pay for this app, (I used my "coins",) I still find it hard to say that it was worth the expenditure.

The appearance is rather childish and I'm afraid that, despite looking endlessly at all the prompts, I found nothing to inspire me. I absolutely get the idea; the writers provide words, sentences, genres, etc, and you may find that you feel you can use the suggestions to produce a piece when your brain is on leave, but while the combinations of basics may seem quirky enough to spark something for others, I experienced them as better suited to stimulate the minds of 11 year olds. There was quite a sci-fi/fantasy bias in my opinion.
Michael Tipper
Michael Tipper Reply to on 14 April 2013
This is a fabulous app that really does stimulate the creativity and help get those creative juices flowing. An extremely simple idea (the best often are) and can recommend this highly if you want to get some off the wall stimulation.
scruffyjock Reply to on 9 September 2013
This has very few ideas and would be little help to anyone with writer's block. I went through everything several times in case I had misunderstood how to use it and had missed some chapters but I hadn't. Might suit a youngster with limited word power.
Art and types of r Yuri yt? rrfgb
Art and types of r Yuri yt? rrfgb Reply to on 1 April 2014
This app is really helpful for young people who want to wright story's like me but it is also a bit complicated at first. Worth your money so you should get it if it is needed.
Ky Clarke
Ky Clarke Reply to on 23 March 2013
As a young writer I very often have writers block. I love this little app and it has a never ending stream of prompts for me! :D Thank you for making such a handy app! :D
Kaz Reply to on 1 March 2013
It is difficult to work it at first but as you continue to use it, it becomes easier. The app is quite good for writers block and is quite good fun to write weird and wonderful stories about what the app suggests. A great buy!
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