Marocannonce Scotch Satin Tape Strip Refills Ref 90-ST:Marocannonce
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Scotch Satin Tape Strip Refills Ref 90-ST:Marocannonce

3M Published in October 23, 2018, 1:29 pm
 Scotch Satin Tape Strip Refills Ref 90-ST:Marocannonce

Scotch Satin Tape Strip Refills Ref 90-ST:Marocannonce

Price:£8.99+ Free shipping

Julie W.
Julie W. Reply to on 23 December 2015
these little tabs are great to use at work (retail) perfect when wrapping breakables when you've got one hand on the wrapping only one hand left to grab the sellotape.... no other hand to pull it off the roll,or even if you manage to pull the tape off the roll it ends up sticking together...mmm stuck!!
with the tabs in the table top dispenser just pull one out and the next one is ready for you when you need it
get a lot off customers saying ooh that's very handy,where did you find/buy that
A67 Reply to on 22 July 2016
These are fantastic. I buy them regularly to go with the bracelet dispenser and always make sure I have plenty of stock, especially over Christmas. I can't imagine ever going back to a roll of tape you have to bite and stick to the edge of the table! Too much lip skin and table varnish lost and applied to presents in the past. These are so simple to take out of dispenser with one hand while you're holding down the wrapping with the other and are perfectly clear so nice finish. The kids can also get carried away with these on craft projects so make sure you have plenty!
Roz Reply to on 2 January 2017
I am the present wrapper in our family and had a mountain to do this time (three families worth of presents, plus stockings etc) and swear by this dispenser and the pop-ups. Just makes the whole process so much easier even versus the roll tape dispensers where I always seem to be fighting to cut the tape. Also when travelling between family members and helping wrap makes it so much easier than packing tape and scissors, doesn't get lost (or borrowed by another wrapper) as on your wrist - only draw back is didn't have enough refills so now stocking up!
micm Reply to on 3 August 2015
These things are a godsend at Christmas time and all through the year whenever something is needed wrapped up. Gone are the days of pre-cutting lots of little lengths of sticky tape and attaching them to the kitchen table ready for use!

I use these in conjunction with the Scotch desk stand. It's very easy to grab the tape strip and apply it to the parcel one handed. Stickiness is very good, and smoothed down with a nail they're almost invisible.

Whilst these might be more expensive than a multi-pack of tape rolls from your favourite supermarket, there's no wastage here, and you save the difference in cost through the avoidance of frustration! (and I doubt kids will miss the "find the end of the tape" game)
Lucy Reply to on 15 October 2017
Brilliant product - makes being Father Christmas an easy job. Yes - expensive when you have to buy this and the actual mechanism for using - but worth the price as it really does expedite the elf role when wrapping presents.
mk nic
mk nic Reply to on 29 August 2017
Since I first used these strips about 5 year's ago...regular sellotape is a thing of the past... they work out more expensive than a roll of tape but they save so much time and Christmas they are a true hero product - I make sure i stock up whenever I see them on offer.
Flutterby Reply to on 1 April 2017
The wrist mounted tape dispenser is my saviour in the pre-Christmas wrap and these refills are the first thing I buy in November! Easy to use and good quality - unlike other brands I've never had a problem with more than one piece of tape being dispensed at a time.
Mrs H
Mrs H Reply to on 5 December 2017
I love these as they fit into the wrist holder easily and dispense tape one piece at a time. Saves cutting and losing the end of the tape!! Ideal when wrapping any parcel or presents. Makes wrapping much quicker. Would recommend
Ken Jones
Ken Jones Reply to on 4 September 2017
Excellent value and great for wrapping presents as it keeps the hands free. Obviously a dispenser is needed as these are refills.
Mr. Carl R. Grint
Mr. Carl R. Grint Reply to on 6 January 2017
I purchased these for a friend who had run out mid wrapping Christmas presents and is a fan of the functionality.
Unfortunately these were very poor quality, the strips were not cut so long strips of tape came out and pieces were stuck together, so in the end my hope to help was for nought as these just failed in their bear minimum requirements.

I don't know if it is a quality issue or these aren't originals but I would caution other customers to be weary.
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